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You need to know what your home is worth in the Calgary house market but you don’t want to spend hundreds on an unnecessary legal appraisal and you’re not ready to engage a REALTOR®.

We have the solution and it is going to change everything.

Agent EvaluationAgent Evaluation

A Licensed Real Estate Professional with expertise in your area will provide a comprehensive home evaluation of your property, including:

  • A recommendation of property sale price ranges, based on reviews of comparable home properties and is ideal for the Calgary house market or Calgary tax assessments.

  • Active and historic market trends specific for your neighbourhood.

  • Available property physical specifications, municipal records and tax assessment data for up to 24 neighbouring properties.

  • Connection to professionals in your area that can help with everything from property purchase or sale to inspection services, legal advice, mortgage/re-finance and professional contractors.

Fully Functional SpreadsheetFully Functional Spreadsheet

  • A familiar interactive spreadsheet that displays what you need to know and what's important to you.

  • Links to all available property photos, one-click reports and map information showing property market status.

  • Up to 50 data items to sort by with the ability to easily check off your favourite properties to compare your home value.

  • Update your home evaluation with the latest MLS real estate information at anytime, we'll let you know so you don't forget.


  • Modify the search filter and instantly see the adjusted property statistics.

  • Excellent for investors who want to compare property types, neighbourhoods as well as renovation or build potential.

  • See actual Return On Investment (ROI) property statistics before you renovate your kitchen, add a garage, finish a basement and so much more.

  • Understand the most ideal position to take in the real estate market to achieve your financial goals when you're ready to sell.

Dynamic MapsDynamic Maps

  • Using our custom mapping application, you will get the same familiar internet map functionality that you're used to.

  • You can view properties as a property status icon or as a front-door-view photo.

  • Instantly update the map results each time you modify your search criteria using our custom data filter.

  • A one-click on the map opens a property specific report with all the information you need to make a better decision.

Interactive ChartsInteractive Charts

  • Determine real estate market trends for your neighbourhood with up to 7 years worth of information.

  • When is the best time of year to sell? Where and when should I position my home in the market? Our charts can ensure you make the best decision.

  • Find out why some properties sell faster than others in the housing market that directly affects you.

  • The charts instantly change with our custom filter so you can focus your results on what is important you.

So Many Benefits!

  • Get on the same page with all the industry professionals involved with your home property.

  • We move at your pace with absolutely no pressure.

  • All of the real estate information you need to establish the most realistic dollar value of your home property.

  • Detailed and easy to use. An absolutely critical home evaluation tool for any home owner, investor or industry professional.

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